We work with all the major UK insurers :

How we work :

We work differently to most other private medical insurance brokers. The first thing we do, if you have cover in place,  is look at your existing private medical insurance. We check the cover you have is appropriate to what you need and also explain how it works. We do this because a lot of the people we speak to are either misinformed about how their cover works or sometimes, over time, their cover has been reduced at renewal to combat increasing premiums and the client is left with a very low level of cover.  Putting it simply, we “health check” your private medical insurance and if appropriate  offer you advice on ways to improve your cover. And though it sometimes sounds complicated, we have a policy of speaking in plain English and not using jargon, so the advice we give is easy to understand.

We do all the hard work for you. We scan the private medical insurance market place, and will compare deals from all of the top UK insurers. Once we have found the best plan at the best price we will send you a quotation by post or email so you can make an informed decision on your future cover.

Comparing options can be a challenge, we explain options in plain English. We also walk you through the relevant options so you fully understand not just what you are covered for but how the proposed new private medical insurance policy will work for you. We make a point of walking you through a claims process.

Once you have decided to proceed with cover, we do all the hard work for you again. It takes around ten minutes for us to take some details over the phone to place new cover for you. We then complete all the application forms on your behalf, and pop them in the post to you.  The best thing for you is that our service is free of charge.

Ongoing Service and policy renewal :

Once you take a policy through us, our service doesn’t stop there, we provide ongoing support and service throughout the year. We are always on hand to offer help on claims, policy queries and general questions whenever you need us. We also deal with the renewal of your cover with us each year. When we receive your renewal we perform another full market review and negotiate with your existing provider or recommend alternatives. We do this so you have peace of mind knowing you are always on the best deal and not paying too much for your cover.  

Why not call us on 0800 999 3037 and see how we can help.

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