Q: I have some pre-existing medical conditions, can I still switch providers?

A: Yes you can and we make it simple, we are specialists in reviewing pre-existing medical conditions. You will need to speak to an adviser who will fully explain the process of covering pre-existing medical conditions, subject to underwriting approval.  You might be surprised what the medical insurers we work with will cover.

Q: Can I cancel my existing policy before renewal?

A: In the vast majority of cases yes you can, there is rarely a cancellation fee and you are rarely tied in for any amount of time.

Q: Do you charge a fee for your service?

A: No, we don’t charge you a fee at all.

Q: Can I contact you for advice on my existing policy?

A: Yes we are always here to help.  Although we can’t speak to your existing insurer, we are always happy to discuss all things medical insurance related.  We never charge you for our advice – whether you take a policy through us or not.

Q: Do you offer service throughout the year and at renewal?

A: Yes we do.  The consultant who originally sets your cover up for you will be there to help you throughout the year, for any queries or help you may have, and they will also be in touch at renewal. They contact you at renewal to perform another whole of market review and negotiate on your behalf with your existing insurer or provide you with some alternative quotes.

Call us on 0800 999 3037 and see how we can help.

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